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01. biography

As the first and only son of the owner of Lee International IP and Law Group, Lee Junho was afforded a quiet, comfortable childhood in Seoul, South Korea. If he wasn't studying, he was outside, kicking around a ball or chasing his two younger sisters and threatening to push them into the pond on the far edge of their property. More than once they'd tromped into the house full of grass stains, dripping brown water all over the marble floor and imported white rugs. Their mother was always quick to throw a fit but it was hard for any of the kids to be too upset when they had mud in places better left unsaid. They had everything they could have ever wanted, and then some. Except for their father who seemed to never be home. On the rare occasion that he did make it to dinner, or his family was required to join him in some outting or the other, he was more likely to ignore them or point out all the ways they could be better. As the heir, Junho had it the worst. No matter how hard he tried, there was no appeasing the man. But Junho was filial and did his best to live up to his father's expectations.

His father expected much. Perfect grades, top of the class, good in sports, refined looks -- any flaw was unacceptable and Junho had many. Education was Junho's bane. More often then not he stayed up well into the night, enduring long hours and little sleep to try and complete his studies only to be bested time and time again. He was by no means dumb, finishing up his elementary and middle school career with a perfect 4.0 but A's came in all different shapes and sizes and Junho was on the lower end. There was always a handful or so above him.

When High School rolled around, his mother came up with the suggestion that Junho study abroad. If he couldn't get first in his class he could use foreign education to help beef up his resume. The senior Lee was against it, but eventually came around. For four long years he studied in a private school in London. They were honestly the best years of his life. He had freedom there that he'd never had back home. But despite his new found voice, Junho still wanted nothing more than to please his father.

By the time he was finally due back home, Junho had a drive unlike before. He buckled down and applied to his father's college, planning to major in history before going on to law school, just like his dad. By some miracle, he made it in.
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03. information

birth name lee junho date of birth 25 January; 21 Year junior major history
KAO VP; Soccer Team


• They say he drank his weight and tequila when he was pledging and the only fresh meat not to wind up in the hospital.

• His mother was a professional violinist before she married and tries to pass on her musicality to her children. Junho isn't so inclined, though he is trying to learn the drums, it's going slow.

• Works out a lot and sports has always been something he was somewhat decent in but there are a lot better than him.

• Discovered the joy of dancing in London. He needs a lot of work that he's not likely to ever get but hey, it's fun and he doesn't look like a complete scrub in the club.

• Does a lot or studuying for someone that doesn't like school.